Go Back To The Basic.

This is a mere waste of time in terms of the knowledge to the time ratio I am getting. I have been doing nothing and not learning something worth even a penny yet spending time worth more than a million. I don’t blame anyone for this and the only one to be blamed is me and me only. I am in the prestigious robotics club which already has spread its fame all around the country and probably some way around the world. But I don’t quite think this is the right way I have to be involved in this. I don’t know how does a diode work! And where I am? Oh!! on a place where some individual geniuses combine their knowledge to produce some of the finest robots and electronic components produced within at least the country and may be some way around the world. The difference between the knowledge of the working of a simple diode to the knowledge that can simply make a robot work. Oh I am worthless here. Don’t know how does the electron flow through a circuit and simply looking at a circuit where electron itself gets confused which path to flow through. Continue reading