3 thoughts on “Breshenham Algorithm

  1. I skimmed through the book.
    Its a nice book with great starting. (I read the whole preface! :).
    I see that the book lacks proper ending. Some sort of concluding paragraph would make it easy to feel that we have really come to the ending.
    Although I am not into CS, I think I heard about Big O notations or something similar to benchmark Algorithms. The book lacks this aspect.
    The book is great.

    Rajendra Adnikari.


  2. 1.I read your BRESENHAM’s line section and appreciate the way u view any problem.. absolutely stunned by it.. but here lies my query.. what were you actually trying to enlighten us?i went through your preface section and got stuck to this sentence for a while ” this algorithm turns out to be way more than that ” well i don’t see what are you up for..!! please explain.
    2.Hey i like the way you write a program!! And i got the answer i asked you earlier today!!


  3. Well written my buddy ! This has really helped me understand the Breshenham Algorithm. So I have got to thank you very much for this very task. I can feel the hard work behind it and honestly the text got real beautiful once I understood it. Keep on writing and I’ll keep on knowing. Much appreciated !


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