How to succeed in studies??

How to succeed in studies?

Prakash Gautam

“How to get success in studies”? It is one of the common tensions of students. It is a real tough question but the answer largely depends upon how an individual looks the question. Does success mean getting high marks in examination or anything else? There’s nothing strong enough base to support or reject the fact that success in studies is gaining marks. But clearly success largely depends upon one’s interest and passion on studies. Continue reading


Hello ! Namaste!
My name is Prakash Gautam. I am a undergraduate student in science form the most beautiful country in the world Nepal. I currently live in Bhaktapur City. My permanent home is a beautiful village Pokhari Chaunri VDC-7 Nepal situated in Kavrepalanchowk district about 150 Km away form the capital Kathmandu.

I am a passionate student of Physics. I want to learn Physics a lot and understand the mystery of nature and try to solve the puzzle nature has created. Nature has created amazing creature humans and being one of the humans it becomes my duty to try and solve the puzzles in the nature.

In the systematic study of nature and its underlying mysteries I prefer to choose to study Physics. Since I am just a high school graduate I mayn’t have learned more interesting facts of nature but so far I have learned, I have always fully enjoyed learning Physics. It becomes my passion to study Physics for no reason.