Go Back To The Basic.

This is a mere waste of time in terms of the knowledge to the time ratio I am getting. I have been doing nothing and not learning something worth even a penny yet spending time worth more than a million. I don’t blame anyone for this and the only one to be blamed is me and me only. I am in the prestigious robotics club which already has spread its fame all around the country and probably some way around the world. But I don’t quite think this is the right way I have to be involved in this. I don’t know how does a diode work! And where I am? Oh!! on a place where some individual geniuses combine their knowledge to produce some of the finest robots and electronic components produced within at least the country and may be some way around the world. The difference between the knowledge of the working of a simple diode to the knowledge that can simply make a robot work. Oh I am worthless here. Don’t know how does the electron flow through a circuit and simply looking at a circuit where electron itself gets confused which path to flow through. I know, when I learn how does an electron actually respond to the electric field, I would eventually learn to analyse and figure out how does the electron flow through the powerful brain of robot which these ROBOTICS CLUB guys give birth to, with probably way more than nine months where nature itself can create a powerful brain worth the capacity to hold the knowledge of how the universe works.

But somebody please tell me how does an electron flow through a diode and I shall give you the information how does the electron flows through the brain of the robot. Probably I lack the dedication to learn how exactly the diode work. I sadly lack someone who, with some confidence, can explain me how the fuck do the two amazing individuals, known by the engineers as electrons and holes, create such a genius called diode and transistor who works logically. I just imagine an electron as a perfect sphere with some attractive pheromone able to attract proton and as you know what everybody think when they hear the word hole. Just as I see “some x minus x cubed thing divided by three factorial” when I hear Taylor; compared to my brother who doesn’t give a damn what the shit is factorial and tells me “feel the power of her music and her beauty”. I am my brother feeling her beauty when my robotics club guys around me see factorial thing in electrons and hole. Oh the holiness, do you mean I will never be able to learn the factorial series thing out of electrons and hole?

“Hey give me LM258 datasheet and give me this, give me that and blah blah blah….”, my robotics friends say in the background and I think which language is this. What is a datasheet and what is LM258? For me electronics is just electron and my electron is just an ordinary guy with natural pheromone just able to attract proton and of course her friends but my friends’ electrons flow in the blood vessels of robot, its brain and produce some other guys with another useful pheromone…

Any way I’ve got to go back to the basic. Don’t give a damn what they talk about some datasheets and some 3425 shit’s, learn how does an electron uses its pheromone to flow thorough the robots brain. Don’t just get fancied by those using breadboard just to display some internet circuits designed by some electronic geniuses. Go back to the basic, learn how the diode work, learn how is the transistor different from just two diodes combined back to back and you will know how to build a robot. It’s not a child’s play after-all… It’s got to be thorough and understandable… And my friend who of you don’t know what is electron and what is hole go back to the basic and not to the internet where there are already designed robots and don’t just get fascinated by your dull friends who just display them on a breadboard or some already programmed circuit designers… Go back to the basic again and learn diode.. Learn it and I guarantee you, one day you will have your own robot not copied form any internet sites by some geniuses but instead other will download yours and you will be the master. Go back to the basics. Get your basic strong.

Love you all…Have a nice day with electron; feel her pheromone… Its damn so nice, forget about axe.

6 thoughts on “Go Back To The Basic.

  1. Hmmm…. What do I need to understand? Your thirst for quest, or your immense platform, or your lack of will power, or your absence of mind or somebody imaginary ideal one lacking or what?? There is nothing i can actually TEACH you but it is probably not inpossible that we can learn together. And i know, that is absolutely not the sentence you are searching. i guess, You are searching something beyond what I can even guess. Best of luck, and dont be frustrated, its world, its life, nothing in control, but/hence, everything going on. 🙂 you too keep on going THIS way.


  2. its true whatever you have said,I encountered the same frustrating scenario that you have mentioned.I should be clear,I am not proposing any counter arguments here but just a relevant thought of mine.Getting into diodes and electrons is of course worthy,but if you start comprehending every electrons then there will very little things you can do practically(though theoretically you may achieve much more).I would like you to comprehend on one thing.When we were kids we learned addition,subtraction,algebra,even memorized Newtons laws,Did we give a shit about those things then?absolutely not but these days at least we dare to think about those things, how they occur.What i am telling is may be we are just kids fooling with robotics here,may be one day we can absolutely comprehend.may be may be not


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