Scale Factor

I was sitting on my chair in the room. Because of a stream of thinking I got lost from the world outside. But when I got out of the imagination and landed back on my chair I suddenly realized everything around me has expanded proportionally i.e. they look bigger than I was used to seeing them. I couldn’t compare them to outside world; but for me everything inside my room looked expanded.

But; if I can’t compare them with anything outside the room how can I say that everything or anything on the room is expanded? If everything inside the room is expanded along with the room then I can’t say whether anything has really expanded. I realized that “If everything in the universe were subjected to a scale factor then still the world would look exactly as it was before; every laws of nature would be same and nothing would look different.

Now, I realize that whenever we say an atom is really 99% empty space, it actually is because in the atomic scale every measurement would be significant. So there is every possibility that every electron; so small in our scale of measurement; is whole a single universe. Within a our new “electron-universe” there could be some “electron-electron” and it could have “electron-electron-universe” and so on; like an old myth of who holds the earth; the tortoise; who hold the tortoise then? Next tortoise all the way down. And our universe may be some “pre-electron” revolving round an atom in a universe contained in an electron. Pretty amusing!!

Probably some scientists in the universe; in which our universe is an electron for them; are observing with respect to the atom and other particles in their atom that the “electron” is expanding and contracting periodically. Now, we are expanding and contracting but we don’t realize it, because everything around us expand and contract in exactly the calculated rate so as to give us a feeling that everything is static.

This is interesting! Here is a trick; what happens when a spherical particle distribution contracts and expands periodically? Everything expand and contract in phase except the one at center which is always constant in its position.(exactly like when a rod rotates particle in its axis are at rest v=ωr and at cneter r=0 →v=0). I sometimes; in my imagination; lie at the center of our universe (which I can suppose safely; supposing the universe is infinite in every direction on my scale). Now every people around me expand and contract. Sometimes they are too big and sometimes they are very tiny. And I am the master of all, I can control the frequency of the expansion and contraction. Now I let the electron contract and watch everybody very tiny. I laugh a hell out of me for those people who call me short. They are almost invisibly small (pity for them, I don’t contract them further).

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