Up to a finite time in the future

Well as I see this world has no solid reality; everything certainly seem to be dependent upon other and never quite self contained. People around, unknown about the fact try to fight for something that they think will take them higher and they think they deserve. Every rule we follow or are supposed to follow is just convention and every truth we call is just interpretation. It turns out that no version of reality exists and we seem to be entangled within the complex boundary of complexness that we ourselves created. The vast interrelations of everything around us certainly make us believe that there must be something governing everything as a part of single law and there is not enough terabytes of space around the corner to store up these many laws we are calling fundamentals. There can’t just be that much of space to store such amount of data each governing each law. There must be something fundamental and self replicating.
I don’t personally think god spent too much of his time writing these seemingly complex laws of nature. He must have had lots of other works that he just started the big bang at a particular time and the rest are its details. He couldn’t have created each a new one law for each a new one event. These events must be some implications of the simplest law that god put up.
Every thing around us seems to be governed by laws. They are bounded in one or the other by certain laws that every effect seem to have a cause. It would imply that for every event to have happened it must have been preceded by some cause and that cause can’t just be self contained; it has to be effect of another previous cause. This will initiate a chain of events that travel backwards. Backwards up to where? Well, why would a backward movement prefer to stop at certain point that has nothing special about it, for , Newton’s first law would be violated then. It should travel all the way backwards to the start of time, the very moment something very fundamental happened. But why would something very fundamental prefer to happen at some time? This would imply that, what I call something very fundamental, should have preceded from infinite past. It should have continued from infinitely previous time to the present, not just to present and up to some finite time in the future for it has to end up in nothing which actually it came from.
This is taking us to a new ground of perceptional reality that nothing around us happens beyond the law. Everything is governed by law and therefore there is nothing we can do to alter things here. What happens should have happened and what doesn’t couldn’t have happened. This world is unalterable and this is happening in a way it should have just happened. Every critical balance of the universe is just maintained to keep it going. Keeps it going up to a finite time in the future.
-Prakash Gautam
March 28, 2012
Hostel room disturbing my friends… Ha ha disturbance had to happen.

2 thoughts on “Up to a finite time in the future

  1. wonderful article this.
    Well its very much true that present is function of past. But this article has left me thinking of “back up-to when”. Keeping your thoughts in mind, my mind feels its upto the creation of universe, but the problem is what would be the past of creation?? and at last why it should keep on going up to a finite time?? why not infinite time?? Though its true that every beginning has an ending but for universe’s case the beginning just can’t be sufficient cause to end. I reckon it should keep on going for infinite time.


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