I want to live longer….

What would it mean if I had to die early before really I could do something? I’ve dreams fantasies and promises to reach but if it were such that I had to leave all these beautiful things around so easily and never be able to come back. Each days now I have dreamt and promised more and more and not done anything at all. The promises fantasies and dreams are piling up; I see beauty in doing them; an art of being alive. If I were to really go without even being able to realize those fantasies, would that be tolerable?
Each day I look at the sky; the greenery around and the weather so gentle. Everything has some good things to do and everything is so perfect in their work. I must have been put here to do something; I realize that I’ve works to do; promise to keep and dreams to fulfill. Would I be a failure in being a human if in case I couldn’t do all those because I couldn’t live anymore to do them? Or would I get an excuse that had I been not gone back to the nature where I sprung from, I could have been not a failure?
But now I feel like I have lots to do; lot more to understand and lot more to realize. I haven’t have lived a worthy life. I have not yet been able to put smile on people’s faces and nor have been so to at least make people happy!
Where does this fear of death come from when I am still a child; not a grown up old? Well everyday innocent children and youths die due to several causes; who knows if I am one of them in a near future? I haven’t yet completely felt the beauty of nature. I never have been able to contribute so far. I hear people doing great jobs in their early age; they prove their worth early; so death would mean art to them an art of simply going away to live another one who can contribute even more; but for my kind who have not been worth anything death would mean a fear of course; a scary inevitable and probably an evil. So I don’t want death to come soon to me.
Sometimes I feel like angry to the nature, which otherwise I would always be so thankful, that why would nature take away youths and children without even letting them experience the beauty of her; they get formed with a very rare combination of molecules together with great delicacy yet they do not get completely to experience nature. Isn’t it a duty of nature that a person formed with such a great chance combination and delicacy to let him at least find out exactly which nature he was supposed to admire? Why is nature sometimes so cruel or bias; those who cause such a damage to nature; are just decaying nature’s law get to live a long life but those who have a dream to experience, protect and promote nature’s beauty are taken back into the nature spreading in the air in the form smoke.
I have lots to do lot more to prove and lot and lot more really to show that in fact it was worthy to combine all these molecules I have together with such a great difficulty. But nature has a threat against me; a threat of death a veto nature has that she can anytime take me away from this world which I haven’t yet fully seen fully felt not have got a initial shape idea!!
I plea to nature; I really don’t want to die; I want to work hard; I want to make people smile; I want to spread happiness in the world; I really want to protect humanity and so passionately love people, respect them and spread togetherness all around. Dear nature, please let me live long.

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