When you are confident

Every things start to work on your favor.  Every matter which seemed somehow to have lost track seems to come back to track and everything, which denied going on your favor, starts following you.

Suddenly you start to look smarter taller and beautiful”er”; the power of the world start revolving around you like planets and you start mastering them as a star with centripetal attraction. From nowhere you seem to feel like the king of the world and start getting a feeling that — yes all other are expecting from you.

Those beautiful girls walking on the street, which you pretended to have ignored because you felt yourself inferior; to you; seem like they are actually there on the street so that you can have a close look at them. You start dare to put your eyes upon theirs and feel as if it is your fundamental right to look at the girls on the street.

All those people who you, till the other day, thought were superior to you seem to surrender their charm to you and you feel like being the only in the planet mastering them all. A friend of you who you pretended to praise to make him happy fails to bother you even if you hated or ignored him.

From nowhere you suddenly start to get the feeling that none has got the standard to match with yours and hesitation within you starts leaving your body.

The Everest of challenge that stood  in front of you  which previously you didn’t dare to look suddenly seem to sink underneath the dead sea and  you stop counting that as a challenge and you feel proud, no doubt.

You may never had imagined that one day you will speak in front of a large crowd; you must have had thought that you would never get any idea how to handle this crowd but it becomes just a matter of a second to go in front of the them and handle them. This would probably make you feel like you are living at the top of world which you; imagined; would never have done has actually come true.

Listening a radio programmer speaking on a radio program, looking at an actor walking through a crowd, not wanting but forcing yourself believe that your friend is in a circle of girls chatting with them; seeing a leader broadcasted on television; or probably looking even a dog barking confidently without any hesitation at people you, probably, might have had imagined that you would never, in your life, be able to do things so easily. But bring up the confidence in you; sure you are to be amazed that you can do so. It would probably feel like being in a dreamland for you which you never had thought you would someday be able to be in.

You start to see opportunities in challenges; you start to see a rainbow after a hurricane; find a shining diamond hidden somewhere in a pack of black coal, the bottle which you till the day before appeared a half ‘empty’ start to appear half ‘filled’. You start to realize that in fact a bright day follows a dark night.

Just let the confidence spring in you; look at those people who are similar to you but yet are called senior in the society; they are there because they have grown a quality called CONFIDENCE in them; a quality of self belief and a quality of faith.

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