Are events random??

This universe of ours drives itself in certain pattern; in listen-easy language- our universe is governed by certain rules and laws. Science has got its own way to view and manipulate those regularities of phenomenon in the universe in its own abstract scientific theories and mathematical equations. These theories and mathematical equation that scientists use do not actually guide the natural phenomenon, they just help scientists manipulate and understand universe in their ease. All of mathematics and physics and other sciences are thus not natural masters but human artifice only. It wouldn’t make any sense to say that “all the natural phenomenon obey the laws of physics” Continue reading

Go Back To The Basic.

This is a mere waste of time in terms of the knowledge to the time ratio I am getting. I have been doing nothing and not learning something worth even a penny yet spending time worth more than a million. I don’t blame anyone for this and the only one to be blamed is me and me only. I am in the prestigious robotics club which already has spread its fame all around the country and probably some way around the world. But I don’t quite think this is the right way I have to be involved in this. I don’t know how does a diode work! And where I am? Oh!! on a place where some individual geniuses combine their knowledge to produce some of the finest robots and electronic components produced within at least the country and may be some way around the world. The difference between the knowledge of the working of a simple diode to the knowledge that can simply make a robot work. Oh I am worthless here. Don’t know how does the electron flow through a circuit and simply looking at a circuit where electron itself gets confused which path to flow through. Continue reading

Scale Factor

I was sitting on my chair in the room. Because of a stream of thinking I got lost from the world outside. But when I got out of the imagination and landed back on my chair I suddenly realized everything around me has expanded proportionally i.e. they look bigger than I was used to seeing them. I couldn’t compare them to outside world; but for me everything inside my room looked expanded. Continue reading

How strange it is!!

Chapter 1:
There’s a man who I daily see on the footpath from the window of my micro bus I am traveling by screaming “Ha Chapali Height” (in fact he has stopped it now) looking at the poster of the movie Chapali Height. He is never aware of my presence there nor does he know that I’ve or anyone else has been marking him for he has lost his mental balance. I find quite interesting a man. He is tall and has bit of beard turning partly whitish. He has that spectacle which I see modern day “Kathmadu boys” wearing in great sense of heroism. Continue reading

Up to a finite time in the future

Well as I see this world has no solid reality; everything certainly seem to be dependent upon other and never quite self contained. People around, unknown about the fact try to fight for something that they think will take them higher and they think they deserve. Every rule we follow or are supposed to follow is just convention and every truth we call is just interpretation. Continue reading

I want to live longer….

What would it mean if I had to die early before really I could do something? I’ve dreams fantasies and promises to reach but if it were such that I had to leave all these beautiful things around so easily and never be able to come back. Each days now I have dreamt and promised more and more and not done anything at all. The promises fantasies and dreams are piling up; I see beauty in doing them; an art of being alive. If I were to really go without even being able to realize those fantasies, would that be tolerable? Continue reading

When you are confident

Every things start to work on your favor.  Every matter which seemed somehow to have lost track seems to come back to track and everything, which denied going on your favor, starts following you.

Suddenly you start to look smarter taller and beautiful”er”; the power of the world start revolving around you like planets and you start mastering them as a star with centripetal attraction. From nowhere you seem to feel like the king of the world and start getting a feeling that — yes all other are expecting from you. Continue reading